Be aware

Being aware is such a simple thing and at the same time, a complicated one. Today’s world is one focused in multitasking and doing many different things at the same time. This practice is not good, not good for enjoyment and not good for project fulfillment. Multitasking does not allow us to be aware, aware of the why and the reasons behind what we doing.

Being aware is such an important thing in order to find joy in what we doing. For example, imagine you don’t enjoy your work that much, being aware of the products of your work, what you produce, that you can help your family, the food you can get and the joys of providing for others, will help you to see the work that you do from a different point of view. Being aware of others need is another great thing to practice. It helps to be more compassionate and provide a beautiful feeling.

Practice being aware, start your day meditating in all that makes your life possible. Take a look to the sky, the stars, the waves, enjoy the moment, breathe and pray. Be aware, be alive.

The beauty of being different

Globalization: a term that define not only commercial deals in the world but global culture. It is sad when we lost variety, even more sad when we lose our originality.

I’m not being negative but being sincere: the world is going down to chaos and one of the reasons is that we do not value anymore differentiation. Men are trying to look and act as women. Women are trying to look and act as men. What is wrong in the world? There is a lack of identity. We are designed different, fact. Why to try to be what you are not? That is not love. That is perversity and in our deep inside we know such practices are wrong.

Anyway, we can be different and original, we can fight against the world’s ruling code. If we become deeper thinkers and design a path for our life we can truly feel happy. Doing what is correct and being good has such a positive impact in ourselves physically and emotionally.

I suggest you to do practice two things in order to appreciate differentiation.

  1. Observe nature. The creation is full of teachings for humans. You don’t see gays in nature. You see beautiful harmony and the power of our Creator.
  2. Meditate. Take time to think, think deeply in what you observe. Connect dots and learn.

By practicing this suggestions you will start to gain control of your life and have the power to be different.


Turn it Off | Apágalo

First at all this is my first post where I will start to write both in English and Spanish. I have a passion for languages and Spanish is a truly beautiful language. More than that, the message that gives will reach more people.

Turn it off, yes, turn off your tv, mobile phone, tablet, any electronics around you. Do it daily and feel the world, contemplate the nature around you. Take a deep breath, meditate. Start doing this for 3 minutes, then 5… and keep going and trying. This is a good start to meditate and relax. Disconnection is a great tool, even more powerful that all the electronics around you. When you get connected again you will feel the difference.

Apágalo y desconéctate, sí, hazlo con tu tv, celular, tableta, cualquier equipo electrónico a tu alrededor. Hazlo diario y siente el mundo, siente la creación, contempla la naturaleza que te rodea. Respira profundo y medita. Empieza haciendo esto por 3 minutos, luego 5 y poco a poco aumenta el tiempo. Esto es una buena técnica para comenzar a meditar y relajarse. La desconexión es una gran herramienta, más poderosa que todos los equipos electrónicos que nos rodean. Cuando nos volvemos a conectar sentiremos la diferencia.

Simple is Better: Great Simple Products

Hi friends, this time I’m sharing with you some great products that I have tested. They share a common thing: simplicity and quality.


Dress or casual shoe 

This is a hard category, one where I put a lot of effort in finding the right option. After suffering pain with dress shoes and getting rid of all my shoes I decided to start from scratch searching for the perfect shoes. After reading and learning about the foot anatomy, I was clear that barefoot was the way to go. At the moment with no regrets, these are the two and only kind of shoes I’m using. They are comfortable, minimalists and high quality.


What should I wear to compensate my foots? After researching I found out that Xero sandals were a good option for my foot health. I recommend it’s use even for prolonged time. I can tell that having my foots free and feeling the earth somehow provokes a ‘free-will’ sensation. Test them and prove it yourself!

Minimalist men’s thong sandal

What is the right option for my foot when just relaxing, hanging out with the guys enjoying a couple of beers or at home? This one is a comfortable and useful sandal, check them out and found what I meant.

Sport shoes

I found out how wrong we go when deciding on sport shoes, after researching I learn that same principles for barefoot are applicable to sport shoes. This one is a balanced sport shoe, I use it for running and it is just great. (I’m alternating it’s use with the Xero sandal when exercising).


Casual pant

Just a chino pant that will fit you well. If you gain some weight don’t worry, you’ll be able to still use it. 🙂


We all want to keep safe our data. I suggest you to always keep it in two places. This one is a great portable and fast external drive:

I’ll be updating the list with the idea to share my findings in products that add quality to the minimalist lifestyle.


How to Live a Simple Life

Living a balanced, simple life is especially important now because the world is very lost all the time thinking in getting more stuff, complicating the life more and being selfish.

People from the past used to have a better, simple life. Many of them lived that way because that was the way of living, but now days it is harder. For some reason there is just not a complete way to escape from many of the complications that the world have setup. Technology is a great tool, with no doubt, but without balance it just distract us from the important things.

I have learn the importance of keeping technology in its place. At the moment purposely I decided to use a dump ‘feature’ phone as my main personal phone. I benefit from its long battery life, no distraction essence and two sims. Ah, something else! it has Bluetooth, this means that it is a little dumb beast that can connect to my car or audio device, beautiful…. in the other hand, I have a smartphone only for work-related purpose. By doing this I’ve seen a lot of benefits, even a better communication, I can concentrate better on people and not in my smartphone screen.

Living a balanced, simple life will protect you because it will allow you more time and energy for the important things, like the spiritual things and your family and friends. So please, wisely ask yourself: Am I simplifying my life, or am I complicating it? What things really come first in my life? Some say they have little time or not time at all. But what is the reason? Likely, it is their failure to live a balanced, simple life. Why not compare the amount of time you spend on recreation, such as watching television, with the time you spend in the most important things in life, like getting to know why we here, strengthen our family ties and marriage, making real friends? Is your use of time balanced? Simplifying your life will allow you time for the more important things, which include doing things for others or sharing the good things you learned… that is one of the reasons I created this blog.

We can measure by the use of our time and priorities whether we are living a balanced, simple life. This is not a religious blog but I have to say that the Bible is one of my favorites books! Take time to read it and meditate on it. I am completely convinced that the Bible help me a lot to live a better, simple life.

There is a constant need to be vigilant, to remember that unburdening ourselves of things can allow more time for study, for reading, and for helping others. “Whenever I’m tempted to buy something I don’t need, or take on work I don’t need,” said one businessman, “I stop myself with the reminder to keep it simple. Sometimes I have to be blunt with myself.” Is that not a good reminder for all of us? When you contemplate some project, perhaps building an addition to your house or something else, why not ask yourself: Is this going to contribute to my spirituality and that of my family or is it going to hinder it? Do I really need all the things that people of the world eagerly pursue, or can I do without them?

However, someone might object: ‘Is such self-sacrifice really necessary? Are we required to live a balanced, simple life?’ It will depend on our mentality and priorities. Being a spiritual person will always be helpful, being concentrated on the important things will help us to fight against our self -our selfish person-. We can easily become lost by seeking out and acquiring unnecessary things of a material nature.

When we realize how short the life is and what is our real purpose in life, even though that may involve what many view as sacrificing a so-called normal way of life, we will be happy and modest.

After Decluttering… There is Room For Better Things


We all want to be less stressful and have more time. Once we declutter our spaces and life, we will become a more analytic person, this is something that I’ve been trough. When I get rid of things that I don’t really need then I start a ‘selective’ process of the things that I own and that I REALLY need. We all have thousands of desires, each day we receive a lot of messages telling us to buy stuff, ‘selling’ us happiness… but we know happiness is not something you can buy. It is very important to understand the line between desires and needs, once we understand that we can move forward.

It is interesting to see how being more selective make us deeper persons, we start to ask our self ‘do I really need that?’ ‘what benefit does this provides me?’, this is where analytics starts… you will change the cloth you use, your shoes, cosmetics… cause now your mind works different and so is your selective process. Your really become a different person. You will not buy stuff only because of how they look or to impress others but based on real needs and health, in the positive impact on others. We will start to value our time, so basically every time we get something we will think about the time that we will need to invest in our new possession.

Materialism is a tramp. It is an old one and have win the war to many people. For us to win the war against materialism and the system we live, we need to be prepared and develop good habits that help us to keep our eyes simple and focused on what’s really important.

This is the process that I call ‘focusing’. You get rid of things and start getting new few things that are in harmony with your new mentality. It is exiting, is like starting over with a new vision. Enjoy the process and live better. Keep it simple and focused.




Dressing and Buying like a Minimalist

We give a message by the way we move or talk, our gestures or posture. It is known than more than 60% of what we said is not with words but with our body. It is known as the ‘corporal language’. It is the same with the things we own, what we wear or our living / work spaces.

When we start to simplify our living we change our mentality and become wiser, deeper thinkers. A typical question that might arise at any time would be: why do I own this? Is it useful?… little by little while finding our way, we might start changing our style or the things we like. We just growth and gain maturity and insight.

Wile in this process probably will not feel that much as a minimalist, because as you get rid of things you’ll need to buy new things. These new things will define you better and will add comfort and quality to your life.

I’ll share with you the things I’ve being owning, these things has add value to my life and simplification.

First at all I will like to talk about SHOES! Yes, shoes are something elemental for all of us. Shoes can affect our body and mind.

I used to own many pairs of shoes, more than what I can wear. I gave the majority of them… then I realice that the one that left were not in harmony with my new mentality, so I make the decision to research what are the best shoes for a simple mind and health oriented. A shoe that can be minimal and good for my feet while I’m working.

I reviewed and read about many options, finally I decided for Lems Shoes. They are a small company. Their shoes are like ‘home made’ shoes. I tried the nine2five model because I dress formal during the day. After testing them for about a month I decided I’ll get another pair. So that’s it, now I own a black and a mocha, that’s all for my day to day shoe. My Lems nine2five is lightweight and comfortable, more than that, it is healthy… and looks nice too!

Then the need for something more formal arise… I always loved chukka boots… and I know they are usually not that confortable or minimalist. After researching I found a great offer at for the Vivobarefoot Bannister. Wow, they are great. Minimal desert boots. I had to add insoles because something was causing pain in my right foot. Anyway, I recommend them. That’s all I have for casual and formal shoes.

I decided to share this with you because it can show you the way my mind changed after simplifying. Time is one of our most valuable resources, use it wisely, only research to buy things that you really need, give the correct message wearing the things that show the real you.

If you wish to see a better detailed list of great and simple products that I have tested check out the essay Simple is Better: Great Simple Products 


Start NOW!

Hey! don’t move, don’t go anywhere, just continue reading, it will only take less than 5 minutes and can change a lot of your life.

Yes, now is the time. Procrastination is a problem we all face sometimes, but we can enjoy of more satisfaction and contentment if we just close all those open circles. When to do it? NOW!

I’ll give some useful ideas that have worked for me and probably will help you too 😉

1- Start your day being grateful.

2- Take one or two minutes and take a look into any natural view you might have, trought your window, a little plant in your room… any natural thing, that will bring relax-ion into your soul.

3- Make a list, a list of tasks for the day. Again, for the day. Be realistic, don’t try to do too much, then you will get frustrated.

4- Detect your ‘best timing’. Are you more productive early in the morning? after coffee? around 10 a.m.? in the afternoon? After you realize when is your ‘best timing’ schedule harder tasks during that time of the day.

5- De-clutter and clean everyday. Yeah! everyday we need to take 10 or 15 minutes to give maintenance to our desks, rooms, tools… our office or house.

6- Enjoy breaks… take some time to breath and meditate, then go back to action!

7- Be nice to others… and the others will be nicer to you 🙂 If you married, don’t forget to briefly call your mate to say ‘I love you’.

8- Accept. Accept that the computer may fail, your car may brake or something unplanned that affect your schedule might happen. Accepting make us modest and happier.

9- Listen. We all rely in others… when we listen them, observe them, pay real attention, relationships improves and work flows better.

10- Take water and eat some fruits during the day. Our body needs water, when we feel thirds it is too late already, so always have some water bottle with you and some healthy fruit to keep you in good movement.

There are many other things I personally do, I will try to share them soon. Anyway this 10 things can make a difference in your day. Don’t plan to do it, just start NOW!

Simple living!

I’m glad to see there are many sites on the web promoting the simple living. It seems like some people is finally realizing that less is more. It has been an untold truth for centuries… happier people are not necessarily those that have the world in their hands. Being famous, having a lot of money or just doing wherever you want -living a life without rules- doesn’t bring real happiness, or a fulfill heart.

Why can we be so sure of that statement? Because of human nature. Yes! our nature is related to our relationships, relationships are based on love and love is giving… giving a hug, a kiss, a counsel or correction… all of this actions are move because of love. Love is the essential human need. The essential human nature.

Living without rules or laws make us selfish, being selfish doesn’t make us better persons. We can feel ‘free’ or happier, but not for long. Try it and you will see. What really make us happy is to concentrate in others, there’s nothing like that.

That’s where a simple living takes place, that’s where being focus takes place. Get rid off all the unnecessary things that might be taking your time way, get rid of all those crazy ideas telling us not be a good husband or wife… husbands, love your wife, wives, love your husbands, support their lead in the family, show respect for them… that is a solid foundation for humanity.

Enjoy the simple living of giving! Give yourself, give LOVE!

Being simple is not that simple… at the beginning

There is a lot of people that would like to simplify their life, others feel just like in a circle, playing a role already written. The truth is that now days the world educated us to become a supporter of an established lifestyle, a lifestyle that is not simple, free of stress or relaxing. We all want to be happy and feel in control, but being sincere, that is not the real life nowadays. So, how can you simplify your life? it is a very important question and have a REALLY simple answer: keep your eye simple.

Many friends have wrote great articles about minimalism and how great they feel once they just stop being toys in the hand of the industry, I appreciate so much their beautiful ideas. All of those ideas, from minimalists and simple people are based in a basic principle: being focus. There is a greek word for ‘simple eyes’ that basically means ‘focused eyes’, ‘eyes concentrated in one thing’. So the question that comes after understanding the importance of having your eye simple is: WHERE should your eyes be focused? In what is important. What is the most important thing in your life? It is what make your life a life of purpose and make you really happy.

Friends, it is really important to know what we are doing with our life, question everything… why do I need a new car? why do I need a bigger house? why do I have to eat junk food? why I have those friends? why do I like that tv show? why, why, why?… finding the answers will make us deeper thinkers and will help us to simplify.

Having more does not make as happier, not at all, it is more complicated. Let’s make an example, and I don’t want to make rules… having a big house is useful, if your family is big enough to fully use it. Now, imagine you are just a couple or a couple with two kids, how big is your house? the world sell the idea that ‘bigger is better’… what a lie!, wise people from the past has teach us that having less is better. A bigger house not being fully used, requires more maintenance, cleaning and repairs… do you get the point here? Let’s just make another simple example: we as man tend to have a lot of t-shirts or shirts or underwear… now you have to wash a lot and you can’t keep an organised place for your clothes… try to reduce all of that to what you really need, in a short time you will see the difference, then escalate this to other areas of your life.

Being simple is not that simple, but just at the beginning as it requires thinking about the things you do and most of the time you will go against the crowd… but after you become yourself, sure about where you going, you will become a focused person, it become a wise lifestyle, simple and happy. Keep your eye simple!