Being simple is not that simple… at the beginning

There is a lot of people that would like to simplify their life, others feel just like in a circle, playing a role already written. The truth is that now days the world educated us to become a supporter of an established lifestyle, a lifestyle that is not simple, free of stress or relaxing. We all want to be happy and feel in control, but being sincere, that is not the real life nowadays. So, how can you simplify your life? it is a very important question and have a REALLY simple answer: keep your eye simple.

Many friends have wrote great articles about minimalism and how great they feel once they just stop being toys in the hand of the industry, I appreciate so much their beautiful ideas. All of those ideas, from minimalists and simple people are based in a basic principle: being focus. There is a greek word for ‘simple eyes’ that basically means ‘focused eyes’, ‘eyes concentrated in one thing’. So the question that comes after understanding the importance of having your eye simple is: WHERE should your eyes be focused? In what is important. What is the most important thing in your life? It is what make your life a life of purpose and make you really happy.

Friends, it is really important to know what we are doing with our life, question everything… why do I need a new car? why do I need a bigger house? why do I have to eat junk food? why I have those friends? why do I like that tv show? why, why, why?… finding the answers will make us deeper thinkers and will help us to simplify.

Having more does not make as happier, not at all, it is more complicated. Let’s make an example, and I don’t want to make rules… having a big house is useful, if your family is big enough to fully use it. Now, imagine you are just a couple or a couple with two kids, how big is your house? the world sell the idea that ‘bigger is better’… what a lie!, wise people from the past has teach us that having less is better. A bigger house not being fully used, requires more maintenance, cleaning and repairs… do you get the point here? Let’s just make another simple example: we as man tend to have a lot of t-shirts or shirts or underwear… now you have to wash a lot and you can’t keep an organised place for your clothes… try to reduce all of that to what you really need, in a short time you will see the difference, then escalate this to other areas of your life.

Being simple is not that simple, but just at the beginning as it requires thinking about the things you do and most of the time you will go against the crowd… but after you become yourself, sure about where you going, you will become a focused person, it become a wise lifestyle, simple and happy. Keep your eye simple!


Becoming not just positive but a ‘positive in action’ person

There’s a lot of talking about the importance of being a positive person. True it is, being positive can really change the way of looking at things. I considered myself a positive person… but for the last months I have conclude that there is a huge difference between being just ‘positive’ and a ‘positive in action’ person.

You can see things through a positive lens and just keep passive. In the other hand, you can see things through a negative lens and take action in order to change or adjust whatever it is for the best. Being a positive in action person can definitely make a difference, it is more than just an attitude, it is a combustible than can move you to do something… something for yourself or others. Being able to do something for others will make it even more powerful, this because of the human nature. Humans are happier when can do things for others. Period. Start by practicing positive action, help others, at the end you will be helping yourself.

I will like to briefly talk about my new exercise program and how involving my wife have make a great impact in myself. I used to go out and run, I just love it. I always wanted my wife to make exercise… by being more patient with her and motivate her, waiting her and just starting at her rhythm provided us with such a great opportunity to talk and enjoy the time under the sky… suddenly my exercise time was a lot better and more enjoyable. Then I realised that I just make a positive in action movement. I used to be positive about her and I knew she was going to make exercise anytime, but only after I took some action, in other words, after I put my positive feelings into action… I saw some great results. It was love in action. Good for her and of course, for me.

Please, don’t be just a positive person, take action, you can change a little of the world.