The beauty of being different

Globalization: a term that define not only commercial deals in the world but global culture. It is sad when we lost variety, even more sad when we lose our originality.

I’m not being negative but being sincere: the world is going down to chaos and one of the reasons is that we do not value anymore differentiation. Men are trying to look and act as women. Women are trying to look and act as men. What is wrong in the world? There is a lack of identity. We are designed different, fact. Why to try to be what you are not? That is not love. That is perversity and in our deep inside we know such practices are wrong.

Anyway, we can be different and original, we can fight against the world’s ruling code. If we become deeper thinkers and design a path for our life we can truly feel happy. Doing what is correct and being good has such a positive impact in ourselves physically and emotionally.

I suggest you to do practice two things in order to appreciate differentiation.

  1. Observe nature. The creation is full of teachings for humans. You don’t see gays in nature. You see beautiful harmony and the power of our Creator.
  2. Meditate. Take time to think, think deeply in what you observe. Connect dots and learn.

By practicing this suggestions you will start to gain control of your life and have the power to be different.