Be aware

Being aware is such a simple thing and at the same time, a complicated one. Today’s world is one focused in multitasking and doing many different things at the same time. This practice is not good, not good for enjoyment and not good for project fulfillment. Multitasking does not allow us to be aware, aware of the why and the reasons behind what we doing.

Being aware is such an important thing in order to find joy in what we doing. For example, imagine you don’t enjoy your work that much, being aware of the products of your work, what you produce, that you can help your family, the food you can get and the joys of providing for others, will help you to see the work that you do from a different point of view. Being aware of others need is another great thing to practice. It helps to be more compassionate and provide a beautiful feeling.

Practice being aware, start your day meditating in all that makes your life possible. Take a look to the sky, the stars, the waves, enjoy the moment, breathe and pray. Be aware, be alive.