Simple is Better: Great Simple Products

Hi friends, this time I’m sharing with you some great products that I have tested. They share a common thing: simplicity and quality.


Dress or casual shoe 

This is a hard category, one where I put a lot of effort in finding the right option. After suffering pain with dress shoes and getting rid of all my shoes I decided to start from scratch searching for the perfect shoes. After reading and learning about the foot anatomy, I was clear that barefoot was the way to go. At the moment with no regrets, these are the two and only kind of shoes I’m using. They are comfortable, minimalists and high quality.


What should I wear to compensate my foots? After researching I found out that Xero sandals were a good option for my foot health. I recommend it’s use even for prolonged time. I can tell that having my foots free and feeling the earth somehow provokes a ‘free-will’ sensation. Test them and prove it yourself!

Minimalist men’s thong sandal

What is the right option for my foot when just relaxing, hanging out with the guys enjoying a couple of beers or at home? This one is a comfortable and useful sandal, check them out and found what I meant.

Sport shoes

I found out how wrong we go when deciding on sport shoes, after researching I learn that same principles for barefoot are applicable to sport shoes. This one is a balanced sport shoe, I use it for running and it is just great. (I’m alternating it’s use with the Xero sandal when exercising).


Casual pant

Just a chino pant that will fit you well. If you gain some weight don’t worry, you’ll be able to still use it. 🙂


We all want to keep safe our data. I suggest you to always keep it in two places. This one is a great portable and fast external drive:

I’ll be updating the list with the idea to share my findings in products that add quality to the minimalist lifestyle.