Simple living!

I’m glad to see there are many sites on the web promoting the simple living. It seems like some people is finally realizing that less is more. It has been an untold truth for centuries… happier people are not necessarily those that have the world in their hands. Being famous, having a lot of money or just doing wherever you want -living a life without rules- doesn’t bring real happiness, or a fulfill heart.

Why can we be so sure of that statement? Because of human nature. Yes! our nature is related to our relationships, relationships are based on love and love is giving… giving a hug, a kiss, a counsel or correction… all of this actions are move because of love. Love is the essential human need. The essential human nature.

Living without rules or laws make us selfish, being selfish doesn’t make us better persons. We can feel ‘free’ or happier, but not for long. Try it and you will see. What really make us happy is to concentrate in others, there’s nothing like that.

That’s where a simple living takes place, that’s where being focus takes place. Get rid off all the unnecessary things that might be taking your time way, get rid of all those crazy ideas telling us not be a good husband or wife… husbands, love your wife, wives, love your husbands, support their lead in the family, show respect for them… that is a solid foundation for humanity.

Enjoy the simple living of giving! Give yourself, give LOVE!