Start NOW!

Hey! don’t move, don’t go anywhere, just continue reading, it will only take less than 5 minutes and can change a lot of your life.

Yes, now is the time. Procrastination is a problem we all face sometimes, but we can enjoy of more satisfaction and contentment if we just close all those open circles. When to do it? NOW!

I’ll give some useful ideas that have worked for me and probably will help you too 😉

1- Start your day being grateful.

2- Take one or two minutes and take a look into any natural view you might have, trought your window, a little plant in your room… any natural thing, that will bring relax-ion into your soul.

3- Make a list, a list of tasks for the day. Again, for the day. Be realistic, don’t try to do too much, then you will get frustrated.

4- Detect your ‘best timing’. Are you more productive early in the morning? after coffee? around 10 a.m.? in the afternoon? After you realize when is your ‘best timing’ schedule harder tasks during that time of the day.

5- De-clutter and clean everyday. Yeah! everyday we need to take 10 or 15 minutes to give maintenance to our desks, rooms, tools… our office or house.

6- Enjoy breaks… take some time to breath and meditate, then go back to action!

7- Be nice to others… and the others will be nicer to you 🙂 If you married, don’t forget to briefly call your mate to say ‘I love you’.

8- Accept. Accept that the computer may fail, your car may brake or something unplanned that affect your schedule might happen. Accepting make us modest and happier.

9- Listen. We all rely in others… when we listen them, observe them, pay real attention, relationships improves and work flows better.

10- Take water and eat some fruits during the day. Our body needs water, when we feel thirds it is too late already, so always have some water bottle with you and some healthy fruit to keep you in good movement.

There are many other things I personally do, I will try to share them soon. Anyway this 10 things can make a difference in your day. Don’t plan to do it, just start NOW!