After Decluttering… There is Room For Better Things


We all want to be less stressful and have more time. Once we declutter our spaces and life, we will become a more analytic person, this is something that I’ve been trough. When I get rid of things that I don’t really need then I start a ‘selective’ process of the things that I own and that I REALLY need. We all have thousands of desires, each day we receive a lot of messages telling us to buy stuff, ‘selling’ us happiness… but we know happiness is not something you can buy. It is very important to understand the line between desires and needs, once we understand that we can move forward.

It is interesting to see how being more selective make us deeper persons, we start to ask our self ‘do I really need that?’ ‘what benefit does this provides me?’, this is where analytics starts… you will change the cloth you use, your shoes, cosmetics… cause now your mind works different and so is your selective process. Your really become a different person. You will not buy stuff only because of how they look or to impress others but based on real needs and health, in the positive impact on others. We will start to value our time, so basically every time we get something we will think about the time that we will need to invest in our new possession.

Materialism is a tramp. It is an old one and have win the war to many people. For us to win the war against materialism and the system we live, we need to be prepared and develop good habits that help us to keep our eyes simple and focused on what’s really important.

This is the process that I call ‘focusing’. You get rid of things and start getting new few things that are in harmony with your new mentality. It is exiting, is like starting over with a new vision. Enjoy the process and live better. Keep it simple and focused.