How to Live a Simple Life

Living a balanced, simple life is especially important now because the world is very lost all the time thinking in getting more stuff, complicating the life more and being selfish.

People from the past used to have a better, simple life. Many of them lived that way because that was the way of living, but now days it is harder. For some reason there is just not a complete way to escape from many of the complications that the world have setup. Technology is a great tool, with no doubt, but without balance it just distract us from the important things.

I have learn the importance of keeping technology in its place. At the moment purposely I decided to use a dump ‘feature’ phone as my main personal phone. I benefit from its long battery life, no distraction essence and two sims. Ah, something else! it has Bluetooth, this means that it is a little dumb beast that can connect to my car or audio device, beautiful…. in the other hand, I have a smartphone only for work-related purpose. By doing this I’ve seen a lot of benefits, even a better communication, I can concentrate better on people and not in my smartphone screen.

Living a balanced, simple life will protect you because it will allow you more time and energy for the important things, like the spiritual things and your family and friends. So please, wisely ask yourself: Am I simplifying my life, or am I complicating it? What things really come first in my life? Some say they have little time or not time at all. But what is the reason? Likely, it is their failure to live a balanced, simple life. Why not compare the amount of time you spend on recreation, such as watching television, with the time you spend in the most important things in life, like getting to know why we here, strengthen our family ties and marriage, making real friends? Is your use of time balanced? Simplifying your life will allow you time for the more important things, which include doing things for others or sharing the good things you learned… that is one of the reasons I created this blog.

We can measure by the use of our time and priorities whether we are living a balanced, simple life. This is not a religious blog but I have to say that the Bible is one of my favorites books! Take time to read it and meditate on it. I am completely convinced that the Bible help me a lot to live a better, simple life.

There is a constant need to be vigilant, to remember that unburdening ourselves of things can allow more time for study, for reading, and for helping others. “Whenever I’m tempted to buy something I don’t need, or take on work I don’t need,” said one businessman, “I stop myself with the reminder to keep it simple. Sometimes I have to be blunt with myself.” Is that not a good reminder for all of us? When you contemplate some project, perhaps building an addition to your house or something else, why not ask yourself: Is this going to contribute to my spirituality and that of my family or is it going to hinder it? Do I really need all the things that people of the world eagerly pursue, or can I do without them?

However, someone might object: ‘Is such self-sacrifice really necessary? Are we required to live a balanced, simple life?’ It will depend on our mentality and priorities. Being a spiritual person will always be helpful, being concentrated on the important things will help us to fight against our self -our selfish person-. We can easily become lost by seeking out and acquiring unnecessary things of a material nature.

When we realize how short the life is and what is our real purpose in life, even though that may involve what many view as sacrificing a so-called normal way of life, we will be happy and modest.