Dressing and Buying like a Minimalist

We give a message by the way we move or talk, our gestures or posture. It is known than more than 60% of what we said is not with words but with our body. It is known as the ‘corporal language’. It is the same with the things we own, what we wear or our living / work spaces.

When we start to simplify our living we change our mentality and become wiser, deeper thinkers. A typical question that might arise at any time would be: why do I own this? Is it useful?… little by little while finding our way, we might start changing our style or the things we like. We just growth and gain maturity and insight.

Wile in this process probably will not feel that much as a minimalist, because as you get rid of things you’ll need to buy new things. These new things will define you better and will add comfort and quality to your life.

I’ll share with you the things I’ve being owning, these things has add value to my life and simplification.

First at all I will like to talk about SHOES! Yes, shoes are something elemental for all of us. Shoes can affect our body and mind.

I used to own many pairs of shoes, more than what I can wear. I gave the majority of them… then I realice that the one that left were not in harmony with my new mentality, so I make the decision to research what are the best shoes for a simple mind and health oriented. A shoe that can be minimal and good for my feet while I’m working.

I reviewed and read about many options, finally I decided for Lems Shoes. They are a small company. Their shoes are like ‘home made’ shoes. I tried the nine2five model because I dress formal during the day. After testing them for about a month I decided I’ll get another pair. So that’s it, now I own a black and a mocha, that’s all for my day to day shoe. My Lems nine2five is lightweight and comfortable, more than that, it is healthy… and looks nice too!

Then the need for something more formal arise… I always loved chukka boots… and I know they are usually not that confortable or minimalist. After researching I found a great offer at amazon.com for the Vivobarefoot Bannister. Wow, they are great. Minimal desert boots. I had to add insoles because something was causing pain in my right foot. Anyway, I recommend them. That’s all I have for casual and formal shoes.

I decided to share this with you because it can show you the way my mind changed after simplifying. Time is one of our most valuable resources, use it wisely, only research to buy things that you really need, give the correct message wearing the things that show the real you.

If you wish to see a better detailed list of great and simple products that I have tested check out the essay Simple is Better: Great Simple Products